Our holiday club offers children the opportunity to explore a wide variety of activities and develop positive relationships with children and adults of all ages.  We have a warm stimulating environment for the holiday club where the children are able to take part in creative, physical and intellectual activities such as painting, sewing, clay modelling, dance, football, play writing, acting, ICT and lots of outdoor play activities.  We have a large climbing frame area where the children can play and four other garden areas where planned activities can be done.

We have a large rainy day room that houses a Wii, DVD player and karaoke machine, this room is also used for dance and movement where the children can express themselves and enjoy physical activities.  We also visit our local park for games and picnics.

The holiday club is run by two very experienced members of staff who plan and deliver age appropriate activities.


Holidayclub opens at 7.30-6pm Monday-Friday

Breakfast is offered to the children from 7.30-8.30am

Children will be required to bring snacks and a packed lunch for the day.

Drinks will be available throughout the day.


Before & After School Club

We offer a Before & After School Club, taking & collecting children from the local schools, Canon Burrows, Waterloo & Hurst Knoll and Cannon Johnson  giving families wrap around care that fits in with their working day.

We open at 7.30am and children are welcome to come for breakfast.  After breakfast, the children have the opportunity to play games & socialise.

The children walk to and from school.  We are extremely safety conscious and all the children wear high visibility jackets whilst walking and we discuss road safety and keeping safe. This also offers a good opportunity for exercise.


Once the children are collected from school in the afternoon, they have a healthy snack when they arrive back at nursery.  The children are encouraged to complete any homework and their school reading book.  The children then have free time to play games, explore creative areas, have timed sessions on the computer and also explore the outdoor areas.  The Club also uses our Rainy Day Room where they can play ball games, dance, use the Wii console or listen to music.

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