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Our Awards

2018 Gold Healthy Choice Award – TMBC

2018 Food Safety Award (5 star rating) – TMBC

2018 Nutrition & Oral Health Award for Carers of the under 5s – TMBC/Tameside & Glossop NHS

Our Kitchen

At  Charlestown we are very proud of our awards, our menus and our continual drive for excellence in our kitchen.

We spend a great deal of time ensuring our menus exceed local authority standards, with research conducted by NHS dieticians.  Our menus are rotated on a 4 weekly cycle.  Meals are all healthy, balanced and nutritious, in-line with our Nutrition and Oral Health Award.  We work very hard to ensure the nutritional content of our menus is promoting a healthy choice for children.

Fresh fruit is provided during the day with milk, water and diluted fresh fruit juice provided for drinks at meal times, with fresh water throughout the day in each room.

Local companies are used to supply fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

Our Catering Manager and kitchen staff are able to cater for any special dietary needs.

Sample Menu’s

Breakfast:        Choice of cereal, toast & milk.

am Drink:        Milk.

Lunch:             Beef & veg bolognaise, wholemeal pasta. Peaches, yoghurt & juice.

Veg Lunch:   Quorn veg bolognaise, wholemeal pasta. Peaches, yoghurt & juice.

Snack Tea:    Tuna & mayo wraps. Sliced apple & milk.

Veg Tea:       Cheese & onion quiche & milk.

Baby Tea:     Sweet & sour pork or quorn, brown rice.


Breakfast:    Choice of cereal & milk.

am Drink:     Milk.

Lunch:           Cheese & brocolli pasta. Apple tartlets & juice.

Veg Lunch:  Quorn & veg hash. Fresh fruit & juice.

Snack Tea:   Leek & potato soup, wholemeal toast & milk.

Baby Tea:     Cornbeef or quorn hash.

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