Garden areas

Our beautiful extensive garden areas offer children of all age’s opportunities to be active and interactive and to develop their co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement.  Staff plan and implement lots of stimulating activities for individual children and group activities.

Here at Charlestown we have seven garden areas for the children to explore and develop.

Baby garden: our baby garden has artificial grass and is covered enabling continuous outdoor provision for babies and toddlers in all weather.  Staff can plan interesting and challenging activities to stimulate our babies’ all round development.  We have climbing activities, tunnels, sand pit, music activities, mobiles and lots more for our babies to explore.

Role play garden: This is a stimulating and interesting area for all age groups; our permanent structure enables us to turn this area into any type of role play such as home corner, shop, camp site etc.  This type of play enables children to develop a knowledge and understanding of the world around them and also to re-enact experiences from their home life, developing their emotional skills and to develop empathy for others.

Bike area:  We have soft surface road for the children to ride the bikes, we have a variety of bikes, scooters and cars for the children to encourage their physical development.

Messy play garden: this is where all the messy activities can be explored outside, chalk, sand, water, painting, soil etc, and children can also explore and dig in the digging area.  Children can freely access all these experiences in all weathers in this covered area

Climbing frame garden:  This area has soft surface for safety, and is for over 3’s only.  Children can climb and slide run and jump using some of their energy while developing their physical skills.

Growing area: children can discover the joys of growing their own fruit and vegetables in this area and learn how to care for our pet  rabbit.

Large garden area:  This garden allows children to explore their senses, create dens, explore planned areas or just run off some energy.  We have a canopy in this area to provide shade when the weather is sunny and keep children dry when it is wet. This garden has hills, tunnels, sensory walkway and provides lots of experiences for the children to develop in.

Children can play out in all weather regardless of rain or sunshine there’s always an outdoor area to play in.  We provide wellies and rain suits for play in the rain and wet and sun cream for those sunnier days.


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