Baby room

Babies from 3 months are welcomed to our baby rooms through pre-nursery visits where parents are encouraged to stay and familiarise themselves with the nursery routine, key person and the nursery environment.  Each baby room has 6 babies and two fully qualified and highly experienced staff.

Each baby has a key person to help them to feel safe, secure and confident; the key person will also build a relationship with parents.  Babies will have a home to nursery book which encourages good communication between home and nursery.  Babies also have an all about me file consisting of observations of babies development, photographs and creative work, this file is a lovely personal file of babies milestones for parents to keep. Babies are observed on a regular basis ensuring their key person plans activities and experiences for the individual baby.  Weather permitting babies play outside in our lovely garden areas twice daily.

Baby rooms provide a variety of areas of continuous provision, cosy baby area, messy area, book area, heuristic area, sand and water area and lots of space for the babies to develop and explore.

Nursery provide a very well balanced diet for the babies working with our on site cook to ensure meals are tailor made for babies needs depending on stage they are at.

Baby rooms thrive to ensure all babies are provided with a fun, safe and caring learning environment for them to develop and learn through play.

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